Montri  Polchai

Montri Polchai

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First Name * Montri
Last Name * Polchai
Username * Montri
Country * USA
City Birmingham
Nationality Thai
Languages EnglishThai


Areas of Expertise Digital Painting
Preferred Tools PhotoshopConcept artAfter EffectsArt DirectionCharacter designCharactersIllustrationIllustrator



I was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1972. Raised by my grandmother, I am the youngest of the three in my family. I've been drawing every since I could remembered. I like to think that my talent is a gift, rather then just something I've taught myself.

I couldn't remember when I picked up my first pencil and began to draw, but I never have forgotten the mess that I'd made to my grandmother's house when I was about 3-5(it was some where in there). Let's just say that on the first floor of the house, from the floor up to your hips were marks from pencils or some kind of a drawing tool!... I couldn't remember very much after that... In 1981, after my grandmother has pasted, we moved here to America to live with my mother. I've always believes that God have a plan for all of us, and I guess moving here is a part of that plan.

I am a proud parent and I have one child. I like to think that he's the reason I keep going everyday, and I love him more then anything in this world. I attended high school at McAdroy High in McCalla, AL. I've won every art show during my high school years, and through my college years at BSTC as well. I'd graduated the top of my graphic design class and had two jobs to pick from before I graduated. My first job out of college was an graphic artist for a newspaper company called The Western Star as an Front Page Layout graphic artist, and soon became the art director there after two short months. Later after that I worked for an health insurance company call HealthSpring of Alabama(formerly known as The Oath) as an Art Director assistance doing all their in-house art works. Then I got a job offer at a local TV FOX News station, I stayed there for six years as an graphics artist and 3D computer animator. Now I do graphic works for a local NEWS station ABC, Alabama. I'm doing more 3D work then just graphic design, but I've always continue doing my business as an freelance artist.

I always have a passion about making things look cool on the wall, paper, or whatever I could get my hands on. It always make me feel great when people goes, COOL!, OHA MAN!, WOW!, or "That's Amazing"! I guess its kind of a high for me. Whatever it is, I know that you can't buy it with all the money world! Either way, I love the gift that God have given me, and it's not just an ability to draw, It's the artistic ability to be creative in everything that I do. I'm a graphic artist. I'm using my talent that God have given me to advance myself in the business world. I may not get rich doing it, but to bring my talent for other people to enjoy, gives me the greatest felling in the world! Thanks to God, I will always be, an Artist for life!